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Barn Owl

Scoping Surveys

For any project, it is essential to start with a scoping survey.


This helps to identify any issues with protected species or legislation, on the location early, so that any mitigation can be designed into the project at the preliminary stages saving time, effort and money by preventing unnecessary delays.


Protected species such as Great Crested Newts and Bats have restricted survey seasons so any issues must be identified early, as once the survey season is missed for that year, the project may have to be delayed until the next survey season.


Though primarily based in south west England. we are an ecological consultancy that works across all of the UK.


Phase One Surveys

AW Ecology carry out initial ecological scoping surveys and ecological risk assessment using the Extended Phase One survey guidelines to identify potential opportunities,

risks & constraints at the early stages of a project.


This initial phase, identifies further surveys that may be necessary to gain permissions through the planning process. If no constraints are identified, further survey work may not be required but this cannot be guaranteed.


Extended Phase One Survey

This survey is the primary survey asked for by planners.

It provides a high-level scoping assessment and helps demonstrate compliance with wildlife legislation and planning policy objectives.



- Management plans and general advice on land


- Invertebrate surveys

- Interpretation – leaflets, notices and web content

Habitat Surveys


Stackpole beach, Pembrokeshire