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Oak sapling



Barn Owl

AW Ecology provides a comprehensive protected species survey service to individuals, other consultancies, statutory and non-statutory organisations. These include ground level tree assessments

for bat roosting sites, reptile and amphibian surveys, and breeding bird and barn owl habitat surveys.

We can also provide land management advice for landscape scale projects within or outside statutory designated areas for conservation and access. We have also negotiated access for a national arts project on multiple designated sites, finding solutions for the funder, the arts organisation, owners and the statutory authorities. Other examples of what we can provide are shown below.

Once you have your licence to begin work, one of the conditions may be that for certain operations e.g roof tile removal on a building, an Ecological Clerk of Works needs to be present to advise builders on any protected species that may be present.


We can also give a ‘tool box talk’ to the builders on site emphasising life cycles of all protected species.  Site workers, have a responsibility to known roosting, refuge and habitat areas and ways of working when protected species are found.


Ecological Clerk of Works

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship has delivered considerable value to

the British landscape in the last 20 years. first through the

Countryside Stewardship Scheme and then the Entry Level

and Higher Level Schemes run by Natural England and Defra.


For many farms the Environmental Schemes have been a lifeline

in these difficult economic times. A Farm Environmental Plan 

is a detailed survey which is a requirement for the Higher Level

Stewardship application.


Grant applications:

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Farm Environmental Plan

  • Entry Level Stewardship

  • Higher Level Stewardship

Failand Estate

Failand Estate, Bristol showing unimproved grassland and the common spotted orchid

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